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The team at Tiny Trolls has so much to share with our readers that we are not too sure where to begin! In order to present our exciting new company and ourselves in the best possible way, we decided that we need to go all the way back to 1988, when this fairytale began.

In July 1988, Elaine Kobbeltvedt opened her first children’s nursery, Fana barnehage. The nursery looked after 34 children and Elaine’s goal was to create an environment where the children would thrive. Elaine’s belief that learning through play in the great outdoors leads to happy and healthy children has been the basis of her success story and the growth of her business over the years. One nursery became several and 34 children became hundreds. After several years, the growing empire became known as Bergenshagene AS. It was without a doubt a business built on love and respect for all children and with a very clear focus on outdoor play in the beautiful nature surrounding us.

In 2014, Elaine sold Bergenshagene. Her 25 years of successful business had resulted in 7 nurseries which had cared for over a 1000 children. If there is anyone that has an understanding of children’s needs and wellbeing, it is Elaine Kobbeltvedt.

When one chapter closes, so opens another and this new chapter brings to life a huge dream of Elaine’s and gives her an opportunity to use her knowledge and experience from the success that was Bergenshagene.

Elaine and Line (a work colleague for many years) saw that there was a gap in the market for outdoor clothing that was functional, comfortable and stylish and this is how the Tiny Trolls of Norway adventure began.

Tiny Trolls of Norway is a business that designs and develops exceptional outdoor clothing for children aged between 1-8 years. Our products are of very high quality and are designed with both parents and children’s needs in mind. We like to think that we have thought of every little detail in our designs and have used only the highest quality materials in producing our clothing. The clothes will be on sale in Norway and UK from August 2015 via our online store.

Our vision is that Tiny Trolls of Norway will play a role in motivating and engaging children in more outdoor play and hence emphasising Elaine’s philosophy that social play in the outdoors results in happy, healthy children. Parents do not need to worry with regards to the safety and quality of our products and children can play in comfort while wearing our clothes.

The aim of our blog is not only to keep readers informed of exciting news from Tiny Trolls headquarters but to help motivate and give ideas and inspiration to methods of outdoor play with their children.

We would love to get to know our readers better so please contact us with comments, questions and anything else you would like to know.


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